Welcome to Manna



"Manna was never built for the buildings alone. It was built for God's people to provide a sanctuary of help for those in need. The buildings are necessary, the gardens are necessary, the facilities are necessary, but the God we worship wants love and relationship, not buildings, to transform troubled lives forever. That's a dream for Manna that has never changed."                                                                  

Gordon Beckett - visionary and inaugural Chairperson of the Manna Trust.


"In this house there will always be bread. No one will need to be hungry and there will be wine, wine for joy.

There will be bread and wine for the table which will always be full. Your table will be filled abundantly for it is with joy that I will feed you. For I am your God and I will provide for you. I am the one who will fill your table, your God will provide.

And there will be a lampstand there and it will give all the light you need,  and it will never go out."

Prophecy for Manna by Bill and Gladys Snowden (1987)